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Pisgah 6 String Banjo with Cherry Neck and Tubaphone Tone Ring

This is a very unique and cool banjo we have in stock from the Pisgah Banjo Company who is located in Asheville, NC. This is a 6 string banjo that is not tuned like a guitar. It really is a 5 string banjo with an additional low string. Think of it a 5 string banjo that you would tune it in standard tuning in open G (G,D,G,B,D). But then below the 4th string (the low D), you have another lower string that you tune a 5th lower to a G. So you tune it high G, then low G, D, G, B, D. This allows you to play a lot of bass lines and really fills out the tone of the banjo and extends it's range down a 5th. 

The 12" pot also helps project these low tones, as does the cherry neck and the tubaphone tone ring. I really love this banjo.

  • 6 Strings
  • 12" Rim
  • Cherry Neck
  • Renaissance Head
  • Antiqued Brass Hardware
  • 26.25" Scale - standard scale