About Us

Banjo Studio is proud to be the only Master Deering Banjos Dealer and Collings Guitar Dealer in Louisiana.In just 5 years, Banjo Studio has grown to become one of the top acoustic instrument retailers in the world and is currently the #1 independent Deering Banjo Dealer in the United States!  

Located in the musical city of New Orleans, Banjo Studio was founded in 2011 and is owned and operated by one of the most knowledgeable minds in the industry today.  Owner David Bandrowski grew up playing the 5-String banjo, majored in jazz guitar in college at Berklee School of Music in Boston and Loyola University in New Orleans, and has gone on to play tenor banjo, 5 string banjo, and guitar professionally for over 25 years.  David has also worked for the Deering Banjo Company for over 10 years.

Banjo Studio is a proud Deering Banjos, Ome Banjos, Huber Banjos, Pisgah Banjos, Gold Tone Banjos, and Collings Guitars dealer.

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