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    We carry only the highest quality fingerpicks and thumbpicks for banjo and guitar. ProPik is our go to brand for fingerpicks and thumbpicks. They are made by hand in Spring Valley, California by the Deering Banjo Company and offer superb tone and comfort.

    The double wrap on the Propiks make them very comfortable. The angled Propiks allow you to strike the string more directly as oppose to "slicing" through it - thus you achieve a better tone. But if you love vintage picks, be sure to try tne new ProPik Heritage picks

    As for thumbpicks, the new Super-Tone Thumbpick by ProPik is our top recommendation. This pick has an extremely comfortable metal band so wearing it for hours on end is no problem. The plastic used for the blade of the pick is a very dense material that is very durable and provides a fantastic tone.

    15 products
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