Vega Vintage Star Banjo

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The Vega Vintage star banjo by the Deering Banjo Company is a fantastic old-time banjo that is built with the quality Deering is known for and features a beautiful smoky ebony fingerboard.

At the heart of the vintage star lies a brass Dobson tone ring originally patented by Henry Dobson in 1881, the Dobson tone ring balances the low ends found on this larger 12” rimmed banjo with clear highs.

The Dobson tone ring is beautifully accented by a thinner rim construction, renaissance head, a knotless tailpiece to produce a classic old-time tone.

Features 5th string spikes added at no extra cost at frets 7, 9, and 10.

Hardwood armrest and vintage bronze powdercoated hardware on the pot gives it an organic, vintage vibe.

Includes a Deering/Vega hardshell case.