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Pisgah 12" Custom 5 String Banjo with Tubaphone Tone Ring

This custom Pisgah Banjo featuring a tubaphone tone ring is basically a 12" Pisgah Wonder banjo with a tubaphone tone ring istead of the rolled brass tone ring usually found in the Pisgah Wonder. The addition of the tubaphone tone ring gives this banjo a much more rich and clear tone.  It is a new offering from North Carolina-based Pisgah banjos. It’s a traditionally-inspiried instrument with vintage style details. 

  • 12 Inch Pot
  • Dark-Stained Curly Maple Neck
  • Dark-Stained Curly Maple Rim
  • Tubaphone Tone Ring
  • Dowel Stick Construction
  • Richlite Fretboard
  • S-Style Frailing Scoop
  • Vintage Headstock
  • Quilted Star on Peghead
  • Vintage Heel
  • Balsam Banjoworks Vintage Brass Hardware
  • Pisgah Hawk Tail Tailpiece
  • 26.25 Inch Scale Length
  • Renaissance Head
  • Gotoh Tuning Machines with Black Buttons
  • Includes Pisgah Gig Bag

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