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Deering Eagle II Openback 5-String Banjo

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  • The Deering Eagle II Openback banjo features the ground breaking, patent pending Twenty-Ten Tone Ring which is a completely original Deering design that gives the banjo an extremely clear tone.  

    I would assimilate this tone to be closest to that of a tubaphone tone ring, as both are made with brass and have the warmth that is characteristic with brass.  But this banjo is clearer as the mid range frequencies are enhanced (the frequencies the human ear hears the best).
    This is an incredible clawhammer banjo.  

  • Neck:

    Maple Stained a Dark Red Mahogany
    Natural Ebony Fingerboard
    22 Pressed In Nickel Silver Frets
    Original Eagle Engraved Inlays
    Slender Deering Neck Shape
    Fully Adjustable Truss Rod
    Planetary Banjo Tuners
    Geared 5th String Peg
    Gloss Finish



    Deering Patent Pending Twenty-Ten Tone Ring
    Three-Ply Violin Grade  Maple Rim
    True Tone Deering Tailpiece
    Deering Brass Notched Tension Hoop
    11” Top Frosted Medium Crown Head
    24 Round Hooks and ¼” Hex Nuts
    24 Bracket Shoes  
    Slender Shaped Armrest
    5/8" Maple Bridge With Ebony Top
    Nickel Plated Hardware
    Maple Stained Red Mahogany 
    White Binding
    Straight Inside Resonator Sidewalls
    Gloss Finish 

    Includes aDeering Hardshell Case

    A strong mid range tone with good bass and vibrant highs, that is versatile for playing both Clawhammer and Bluegrass styles of playing.

    Tuned:g,D,G,B,D in standard tuning
    Can easily be tuned in other tunings as well.


    Neck Width at the Nut 1 1/4”
    Scale Length Nut to Bridge 26 1/4”
    Overall Instrument Length 38”
    Weight Approx. 9 lbs


    Warranty: The trust and pride Deering shares in their product gives them the confidence to grant every owner of a new Deering banjo a Lifetime Warranty ensuring the quality of our materials and workmanship

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John C.
United States United States
Very Happy

Love the Deering Eagle ll open back banjo. Shipping was fast.

Steve C.
Banjo Studio A+++ Deering Eagle II Openback Banjo A+++

I am thrilled with this banjo. Being a clawhammer player who likes to delve into "Progressive Clawhammer", I find this instrument delivers the punch I was looking for. If you're into "Clawgrass" playing this banjo is perfect. really sings. Don't expect an "Old Timey" sound from this guy since that's not it's niche. The Deering tone ring used in this instrument is well conceived and delivers. The action is a slight bit high for my tastes so I'll have to adjust it probably with a lower bridge. It comes with light strings which aren't my preference so I changed them over to medium gauge. Deering has finally provided an affordable, professional level banjo with the Eagle II even though it isn't listed as such on their website. It has it's own tab but closely resembles the Sierra which is listed as professional. I didn't try a Sierra just went after the Eagle II. Banjo Studio is a class act and is a great source if you are looking for a great banjo. Set up was well done except for the action which is a personal choice and wasn't communicated by me at time of purchase.

George O.
A very nice banjo. Not

A very nice banjo. Not used to having the spikes so close to the frets, but I can manage. Band members favorably commented on the sound.

Daniel R.
Deering Eagle ll Openback 5-string Banjo

The banjo sounded and played very good right out of the box, but I wanted to play it awhile before I gave you my opinion. I put Daddario J-69 light strings and a 11/16 bridge on the Deering and lemon oil on the fingerboard. I also loosened the head about 1/4 turn all the way around and the banjo came alive, and sounds great. I play it at Jam Sessions , Church and Nursing homes and I am very satisfied with this banjo. The workmanship is excellent with beautiful inlays and a smooth neck. The frets were done with great care and are very smooth. I play 3- finger style and although you don't have the volume of a banjo with a resonator I feel I am surrounded I sound, and enjoy playing openback banjos. I would recommend this banjo to anyone, and the price was reasonable. Sincerely Dan Ryder

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