Deering Alison Brown Julia Belle Banjo

Deering Alison Brown Julia Belle Banjo

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The new Deering Julia Belle low banjo is a unique collaboration between Deering banjos and banjoist Alison Brown. Alison uses this banjo to tune down to open E or D. This banjo sounds great when tuned at standard open G tuning as well but we would recommend using lighter gauge strings. 


This 24-fret low tuned banjo features John Hartford’s hand drawn artwork on the fingerboard as well as design aesthetics and features customized by Alison herself. The result is an absolutely gorgeous and unique instrument that reaches across time and generations for its inspiration.



  • Mahogany Neck
  • Beautiful "Julia Belle" Inlay in Peghead
  • Alison Brown Signature Inlay in Rear of Peghead
  • John Hartford Inspired Pearloid Fingerboard Inlays
  • Radiused Ebony Fingerboard with 24 Fret Overhang
  • Slender Deering Neck Shape
  • 24 Glued In Nickel Silver Frets
  • Adjustable Truss Rod
  • Deering Planetary Tuners with Black Tuner Buttons
  • Deering Geared 5th String Tuner with Black Tuner Buttons
  • 5th String Capo Spikes at Frets 7 and 9
  • Vintage Satin Finish


  • Deering -06- Bell Bronze Tone Ring
  • Deering Premium Violin Grade 3-ply Maple Rim
  • Brass Notched Tension Hoop
  • 11” Custom D'Addario Banjo Head
  • 24 Round Hooks with Hex Nuts
  • One Piece Cast Zinc Flange
  • Nickel Plated Hardware
  • Deering True Tone Tailpiece
  • 11/16” Radiused Deering Smile™ Bridge


  • Mahogany Back and Sides
  • Resonator Sides Are Specially Tapered On the Inside For Projection of Tone
  • Resonator Back Is Accented With Black Trim
  • Brown Mahogany Stained Resonator Interior
  • Vintage Satin Finish


  • Tuned to in standard E tuning (e,B,E,G#,B)
  • Gauges: 12,14,20w,24w,12
  • End Type: Loop


e,B,E,G#,B in standard E tuning Can easily be tuned in other tunings as well.


Alison’s preferred string gauges for The Julia Belle (12 14 20w 24w 12) reveal a banjo with a brilliant tone that is complimented by an underlying depth and body that is irresistible.


  • Neck Width at the Nut 1 1/4″
  • Scale Length Nut to Bridge 26 1/4″
  • Resonator Diameter 13 7/8″
  • Rim Diameter 11″
  • Overall Instrument Length 38″
  • Weight Approximately 11.5lbs


Lifetime Warranty

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