June 27, 2020 1 min read 1 Comment

In this episode, we talk with the legendary jazz guitarist Steve Khan. Steve has had an extensive recording career as a solo artist, one that encompasses some 30 albums as a leader - from 1977's "TIGHTROPE" to 2019's "PATCHWORK." Perhaps beginning with his groundbreaking group, Eyewitness , he has devoted himself to creating a place for the guitar as a principal melodic voice in Latin jazz. In a recent cover story, Steve was referred to as "The Voice of the Guitar In Latin Jazz."


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Trygve Knudsen
Trygve Knudsen

August 06, 2020

Steve is SUCH an inspiring musician to listen to. I’ll never be able to play like that, but his music always makes me want to pick up my guitar! I also recommend checking out his homepage which is a fantastic source of musical insight, good stories, transcriptions, and much, much more.

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