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Used Hobart Brainjo 5-String Banjo by Cedar Mtn. Banjos

The Brainjo is a collaborative project between Cedar Mountain Banjos and Brainjo Productions. This banjo is is in excellant condition. A very good lightweight no frills old time banjo.

Equipped with a brass tone ring, the “Hobart” has just enough brightness and clarity to help you stand out at a jam.

The setup:11" Fiberskyn head, brass tone ring, no knot tailpiece, steel strings, 5th string spikes at frets 7, 9, and 10.

The sound: Similar in tonality to the “Tommy,” but not as crunchy, with an extra bit of shimmer and sustain. Great for cutting through a mix, and for enhancing the background “atmosphere.”

Who it’s for: Folks who like the traditional sound and repertoire, but who also may enjoy playing more contemporary music on the banjo, or for playing in band settings outside of the old-time sphere. Also great for playing and singing, as its enhanced sustain helps provide a thicker “atmosphere” behind the voice.

This setup also gives a fantastic sound for old time fingerstyle banjo.


This banjo comes with a padded strap and some extra sets of strings that fit this banjo that the owner bought and no longer needs.

Case is sold separately.