Gold Tone / Nechville Ot-MH Marc Horowitz Signature Banjo

Gold Tone / Nechville Ot-MH Marc Horowitz Signature Banjo

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Stable graphite neck on a 12" Nechville Atlas pot with Nechville's Flex-Tone Flux Tone adjustable/removable neck system which makes neck set up a breeze. Great for festivals! Great tone anywhere! - Graphite neck (26-1/4" scale. 1-1/4" nut), pearl dot inlays with star on peghead and at 5th fret, S-shaped scoop starts at 17th fret, Gotoh nickel 2-band planetary gears & geared 5th peg with black buttons. Nechville Atlas pot (no tone ring) with Remo Fiberskyn head, tension hoop cut low near neck for hand comfort, Sampson compensated birch & ebony bridge, Nechville straight-pulling tailpiece, Little Mountain black Corian armrest. Heavy duty padded gigbag. This joint project between Gold Tone and Nechville was instigated by banjo player  Marc Horowitz. Marc spent too much time adjusting his banjo and too little time playing at a rainy festival a few years ago. This was his solution.

Made in U.S.A.

Comes with a hardshell case.

Here is the press release about it

Gold Tone Group/ Nechville Musical Products
Press Release

Banjo Businesses Collaborate on New Openback Banjo

OT-MH Marc Horowitz Signature Banjo

Staten Island, NY March 9, 2015: A couple of years ago, banjoist Marc Horowitz found that the wooden neck on his banjo needed repeated adjustment during a very wet Appalachian String Band Festival (known by all as “Clifftop”). He decided to come up with a solution. An independent sales representative in the musical instrument industry, he turned to two of his clients to make his desire for a “festival-proof” banjo a reality; Wayne Rogers, president of the Gold Tone Group and Tom Nechville, the wizard behind Nechville Musical products, famous for his Helimount pot assembly and the Flux Capacitor neck adjustment setup. Returning from Clifftop, Marc called Wayne and ordered a Gold Tone carbon graphite Old Time neck. He had it shipped to the Nechville plant and also sent them the pot from his Nechville Atlas banjo with instructions to install the neck on the pot. This marriage of the Atlas all-wood pot (with its mellow Old Time sound and featuring the Nechville Flux Capacitor neck-adjusting mounting system) and the ultra-modern composite neck resulted in a test bed for the tone and playability that Marc was seeking. After months of experimenting with various combinations of components, trying many different permutations of bridges, tailpieces, heads, string gauges, nut materials and other parts, Marc (a banjo player of fifty-five years’ experience) felt he’d come up with the ideal banjo for him. In the ensuing months, many banjo players that tried the banjo said that they’d not played a better one. Finally, both Wayne Rogers and Tom Nechville suggested that they co-produce a signature model banjo. This unusual plan is now in motion. The OT-MH Marc Horowitz Signature Banjo features not only the twelve inch Atlas all-wood pot and Gold Tone composite neck (with scoop) but also includes main and fifth-string nuts fashioned from Graph Tech’s Black Tusq composite material (made with Teflon to aid in accurate tuning), a Rick Sampson compensated bridge, Little Mountain’s ThinLine black Corian armrest, Gotoh machine heads with black buttons and a Remo Fiberskyn head. These carefully chosen components combine to produce a tone that is round and full, yet focused and clear with no variation in timbre from the first fret to the last. Modern tech and traditional design are combined to provide the discerning clawhammer player with a dead-stable, beautiful-sounding and easy-playing banjo that will always stay in tune in any climate.

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