Deering Clawgrass No. 2 with Kavanjo Pickup

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This Deering Clawgrass 2 banjo features a Kavanjo Pickup installed at no extra charge! This is a $299 banjo pickup. The pickup does not affect the acoustic nature of this banjo at all.

This is the exact same banjo as the Deering Clawgrass banjo but is made with less expensive aesthetic materials (no gold plating and engraving, etc.).  The tone and playability is exactly the same.  Mark Johnson currently uses this banjo as his banjo when he travels.

Featuring the new Deering Smile Bridge!

• An Elegant Neck of California Walnut
• Intricate Inlays of White and Gold Pearloid
• "Clawgrass No. 2" Inlay at 19
th fret
• White Bound Peghead
• Ebony Fingerboard
• Slightly Wider Deering Neck Profile
• White Nut
• Adjustable Truss Rod
• White Binding on neck
• 22 Glued In Nickel Silver Frets
• Deering Planetary Tuners
• Deering Geared 5th String Tuner

• Deering -06- 20 Hole Bell Bronze Nickel Plated Tone Ring
• Premium Violin Grade 3-Ply Maple Rim
• Rim Bound with White Binding and Black End Cap
• Nickel plated Notched Tension Hoop & Tube Flange
• 11″ Top Frosted Medium Crown Head
• 11/16" Deering Bridge
• 24 Round Hooks and 5/16″ Hex Nuts
• Nickel Plated True Tone Tailpiece
• Deering Armrest
• Nickel Plated Hardware

• Neck Width at the Nut 1 1/3
• Scale Length Nut to Bridge 26 1/4″
• Overall Instrument Length 37 1/2″
• Weight Approx. 9 lbs

Includes a Deering Hardshell Banjo Case
Lifetime Warranty

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    Deering Clawgrass 2

    If anyone reading this is considering purchasing a banjo online, let me recommend BANJO STUDIO. I recently decided I was going to buy my dream banjo. I looked at all the websites that had the banjo for sale including an individual who was selling his. BANJO STUDIO was competitive with price and shipping, even with the used banjo I was looking at. Now here is where BANJO STUDIO really outshined the rest. Deciding to sleep on it, I waited until the next day. In my email, the next day, was an offer from BANJO STUDIO that sweetened the deal. How could I refuse? The website is very easy to navigate, and I made the purchase. Shipping was within 24 hours, I had my banjo 2 days later (North Carolina). It was set up beautifully setup and playable right out of the shipping box. I highly recommend David and staff at BANJO STUDIO, I know I’ll be coming back. Jeff (Deering Clawgrass 2)

    Jon K.
    One of the best open backs offered by Deering!

    I posted this review on Deering's website, but since I bought it from Banjo Studio I thought I would re-post here: When I first saw Mark Johnson's Clawgrass banjo years ago, I held out hopes that Deering would eventually make one more price friendly for the average person. I was thrilled when I saw the Clawgrass No. 2 coming out at the beginning of 2016. I ordered one right away and received the first one made available to the public: serial #4. This banjo surpasses my expectations. It is definitely a banjo to grow old with and have the rest of my playing days. It sounds amazing, with a mixture of high overtones and low 'bends' in the notes. I did change to 'medium' strings. You can strum, clawhammer, pick, or any other style with this one banjo. The tone ring and setup make it very versatile. It takes a little more concentration for me to play this, as it is more complex to control than my other open backs, but that's part of the fun. I will never play like Mark Johnson, but this banjo puts a smile on my face every time I take it out of the case. The neck feels extremely comfortable and easy to play, and this banjo is a real 'looker'. It's beautiful in sound, quality, and looks. The binding is excellent and the inlays are subtly beautiful. I will never sell this banjo, and plan on growing in my skills with it over the years. Thanks Deering (and Mark)!

    Peter J.
    Clawgrass 2

    Very happy to get a great price on a Clawgrass 2 from Banjo Studio! I would definately purchase from them again!

    Gilbert J.
    Haven’t played it yet.

    It arrived too late for me to practice before leaving on a three week trip. I’ll be back in CA Sunday PM. It looks fine...

    Chas S.

    Beautifully built, solid (surprisingly heavy), wonderfully crafted and lovely to hold and to behold. The tone ring belts out a rich, warm sound. My daughter came downstairs to yell at me for being so loud (I was playing as I normally do). This is my first "real" banjo, stepping way up from my Good Time trainer, which feels and sounds like a piece of driftwood in comparison. I expect to enjoy it for many years. The transaction couldn't have been easier. Web order, hand-packed the next day. By the time I got around to calling to check on it, it was already en route and almost at my door.