3 Free Months of Lessons With Purchase Of Any Instrument

Jul 22, 2018

We are excited to announce the new partnership we have with Tunefox to offer you 3 free months of banjo, guitar, or mandolin lessons with the purchase of any instrument. Tunefox is a fantastic online tool that offers a unique way of learning bluegrass songs on banjo, guitar, or mandolin. It uses tab, where you play along and can slow down or speed up the tempo and you can even rearrange parts to make your own lead break.

Purchase any instrument and get access to all of Tunefox for 3 months FREE!

About Tunefox:

Tunefox is a web and app based learning tool designed to help people learn bluegrass songs and licks for guitar, mandolin, and banjo. Each song in Tunefox has 3 versions - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced (or Backup, Scruggs, and Melodic for banjo) - and each of those arrangements has switchable licks.

For example, let’s say you get a basic arrangement of a tune under your fingers. With Tunefox you can shuffle the measures of a song to create a new solo based on the original you just learned. We think it’s a fantastic way to approach improvisation. Included are all of the normal practice tools - tempo slider, backing tracks, chords, and looping/measure selection as well as special tools like speed up, hide notes, and memory-train.

Our goal is to help students become real musicians. We don’t want you to just learn an arrangement of a tune and then only be able to play that arrangement. There’s so much more to a solo and a lot of it has to do with hearing the bluegrass vocabulary and then learning how it fits into a song that you know.