Graveyard 5-String Banjo Tuning

1 comment Mar 24, 2023

Learn about this fantastic tuning for the 5-string banjo that is taken from a tuning Doc Watson uses on his 1964 recording of Country Blues. Doc uses this tuning while playing clawhammer style banjo but Bennett shows you how this tuning works great for 3-finger style playing on the 5-string banjo as well. Learn the tuning and how to use it for 3-finger style banjo playing here!

1 comment

  • DeWayne E Henson December 1, 2023 at 10:54 am

    Hello , I am a bluegrass player from the early 70’s . I’ve retuned my banjo just to give this a try . HUM !!!!!!!!! . Ive tried many different types of rolls ( HUH ) .NOT TO GOOD on my part ! ! Where do you find the common chords with this set – up ? This is a really neat sound and I want to learn this . and try to use it with my students , but I gotta know where I am going ! I know my way around the banjo quite well . Good enough to teach . This is a total new creature to me. How would I apply this to bluegrass and gospel music ? I ’ve expelled all my knowledge and tricks trying to adapt to this new sound . Thanks, DUKE

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