Now Selling Collings Guitars

1 comment Nov 29, 2015

Collings guitar factory tourWe are proud to announce that we are now selling Collings guitars.  If you are not familiar with these guitars, we feel these are some of the best guitars that have ever been made. You will be amazed with the tone, playability, and fit and finish on these guitars.

Last week we made a trip out to Austin, Texas to visit Collings Guitars and learn as much as we can about their build process.  We were really struck with how much care each and every instrument gets.  What also struck us was how everyone on the team there truly had a passion and pride for the instrument they were building.

Steve McCreary and David Bandrowski at Collings Guitar factoryOne instrument that really stood out that we tried while we were there was a Collings D1 with an Adirondack Spruce top and a Varnish finish.  This combination really allowed the guitar to explode with tone.  We quickly snagged it up to bring back to our shop. 

This is something we don't like to say around here, but this guitar is a real banjo killer. You won't get overrun at the next bluegrass jam from banjos and fiddles when you are armed with this guitar!

View all of the Collings guitars we have in stock here!

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