How To Play Single String Fiddle Tunes on the 5 String Banjo with Ryan Cavanaugh


In this banjo lesson with Ryan Cavanaugh, Ryan teaches how to play fiddle tunes on the 5-string banjo using the single string technique.

He shows you in this lesson how using the D chord position shape you can easily play many fiddle tunes in the single string style. To play in another key, just simply move this shape up the neck to the appropriate key.


  • Dan Grant

    Wow… not sure why there is so much negativity in the previous posts. I liked this drill. This was useful for working on tunes past the twelfth fret.

  • Sheldon

    Is this guy drunk? He has been recommended as an instructor to me. After seeing this lesson I see he is not very personable or informative. I saved myself some money. Thanks!!

  • Nancy McCrory

    Like the concept of anchoring your left hand around the root. Nice lesson!

  • Martin e Neltner

    His comments are too broad to fast without a goal. It would be better to focus on one song and go slow. Sorry to hard to pickout his notes. This is not simple

  • steve dymond

    excellent tutorial.
    nice playing too
    thank you very much

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