Collings Announces End To Collings Cases

May 6, 2019

Collings Guitars recently announced to their dealers that they will be discontinuing Collings Cases. The reason given is that they will be focusing on their core product - guitars and mandolins.

This wasn't good news for us as we at Banjo Studio are big fans of these cases. The cases are a huge step up from anything else available on the market. They fit the instruments perfectly and they are much smaller and lighter, yet protect the instrument better. Just like everything else Collings makes, they  just look and function perfectly. 

These cases were originally available just for the OMs and Dreadnoughts, with the idea that they would be eventually spread to all models. This then changed for them to just be included with all Traditional Series guitars. 

We currently have one more guitar left in stock that includes a Collings case - an OM2H T. Unfortunately once this guitar and case is gone, there will be no more.  Find this guitar for sale here