Waterloo WL-14 guitar vs. Waterloo WL-K guitar Demo

Sep 12, 2016

The Waterloo guitars made by Collings are incredible. I really like what they're doing with these. The Waterloo guitars are inspired by vintage guitars that were well made but not expensive. These guitars had character. These guitars have simple aeshtetics, a light build, and incredible tone.

The Waterloo WL-14 is the original Waterloo guitar that Collings came out with. The Waterloo Kel Kroydon WL-K came out at NAMM in the winter of 2016. These guitars are inspired by the original Kel Kroydon guitars from the 20's and 30's. The WL-14 is a 14 fret guitar with a truss rod in the neck and X bracing. The WL-K is an extremely light weight guitar, weighing in at only about 3 lbs! This guitar features a T bar in the neck and ladder bracing. 

Take a listen and let us know how you would describe the tone of each guitar in the comments section! 

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