Why We Choose ProPiks As Our Top Banjo Fingerpicks

May 11, 2015

We love ProPik fingerpicks when we are playing 3-finger style banjo.  The biggest reason is the double wrap really allows the pick to be sized perfectly for your finger which in turn makes it very comfortable.  Standard single wrap fingerpicks tend to crimp and cut into your finger when you try to resize it. 

Another reason we choose ProPiks is the variety they offer.  Whether large, medium, straight, angled, stainless steel, Fingertone, and more, there is a pick for you.  We really like the angled fingerpicks.  The angle allows you to strike the strings with your pick more straight on as oppose to sideways.  This reduces pick noise and you will get a better tone.

We really love the stainless steel picks as well because they give a bit of a brighter tone and don’t tarnish.  Tarnished picks cause pick noise so again, this helps to eliminate pick noise.


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