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Bluetooth Mini Speakers Now Available

by David Bandrowski April 09, 2014

We saw these at NAMM this year and just couldn't resist stocking them even though it wasn't a banjo specific accessory.  

Saying that - I use mine all of the time to practice banjo.  

  • I can play along with a my iPhone's metronome app and amplify it so I can hear it.
  • I play along with tunes from my iPhone / iPad / laptop.  
  • I can transcribe solos easier from my iPhone / iPad because it is now louder and clearer.

Then I can listen to music clearly anywhere my iPhone / iPad is!  And this is an FM radio as well!  

There are other Bluetooth mini speaker units out there - but this is the best one I have heard yet!

David Bandrowski
David Bandrowski

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