Collings D2H Sunburst vs. Collings D1A-V Guitar

May 31, 2018

Listen to the differences in tone of these two incredible Collings dreadnought guitars as we run through a few bluegrass guitar tunes on a Collings D2H Sunburst and Collings D1A Varnish. We didn't alter the audio file at all. We recorded it directly into an iPhone using an Apogee 96k mic. 

I played the same tunes on both guitars, starting with the Collings D2H Sunburst and then the Collings D1A Varnish. I ran through Shady Grove, Watson's Blues, Margaret's Waltz, and then just some bluegrass guitar backup in the key of G using a I - IV - V progression.

Let me know what you think and describe the tonal differences you hear in the comments section below!

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