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Choosing your first banjo can be confusing. We would like to help you any way we can. One thing you can be sure of is that no matter what style of music you would like to play, the best beginner banjo is definitely one of the Deering Goodtime banjos. These banjos are the only banjos in this class that are made in America. People who love the banjo will have made your banjo. The parts are superior to imported banjos and the set up and playability of the banjo are superior. You can ask any banjo teacher and they will say that the Deering Goodtime banjo is the way to go.
There are a number of different Deering Goodtime banjos so the next question what style of music do you want to play.
If you don't know and you just want to play "banjo" then go with the standard Deering Goodtime banjo. This is the most versatile and most popular banjo. You can find it here:


If you would like to play Bluegrass, then I would suggest the Deering Goodtime Two banjo. This is because this banjo has a back on it which is called a resonator which makes the banjo louder and brighter and gives you more of a classic bluegrass tone. You can find it here:


We also have beginner banjo packages that come with everything you need to start playing the banjo. Find these here:


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