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David Immergluck is an American multi-instrumentalist who is best known as a guitarist in the alternative rock bands Counting Crows, Camper Van Beethoven and the Monks of Doom, as well as for his tenure with American singer-songwriter John Hiatt. A versatile musician, Immerglück plays mandolin, pedal steel guitar, bass, slide guitar, electric sitar, keyboards, and sings.

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leon bristow
leon bristow

January 21, 2021

Thanks for this interview Jonathon!
Immergluck grew up with my friend Mott jordan – my bass player of choice in santa cryz and a fabulous artist(mixed media on canvas) and I had some interactions in L.A. when red lived with adam. Great interview!
You have a way of getting to interesting places other interviewers never seem to reach. Thanks again bro. And i want to hear Dave interwview you some time. Cheers!

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