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Rickard 11" Antiqued Brass Spunover Banjo with Dobson Tone Ring

This is a great sounding 11" openback banjo that features an antiqued brass spunover rim and Dobson tone ring perfect for an authentic old time banjo with just a little more brightness to be able to cut through other instruments in a jam or clearly project melodic notes.

  • Maple Neck with Dobson Style Heel and Rim Insert
  • 25.5" Scale Ebony Fretboard with Diamonds and Star Inlay
  • Antiqued Brass hardware including 18 Notch Tension
  • Hoop, Wide Base Ball Shoes, Openball Nuts, Hooks,
  • No-Knot Tailpiece, Remo Renaissance Head
  • Rickard Cyclone 10:1 Ratio Tuners