May 10, 2022 1 min read

There are a number of different types of banjo straps offered. They vary on the materials they are made with, how they connect to your banjo, padding, and more. For a person new to playing the banjo, the choices can be complicated. Hopefully I can help clear up some of your questions on this topic so you can purchase the the right type of banjo strap for you with confidence.

Some banjos can be heavy. If you have a resonator banjo with a metal tone ring your banjo is going to weigh a fair amount. A strap that is wider will disperse the weight more on your shoulder.  Also straps that have more padding will be more comfortable.

Banjo straps have two main types of connecting to your banjo. One type is a cradle strap. This type has leather ends that weave underneath the J hooks on the bottom side of your banjo and then meet together to hold the actual rim of your banjo. 

The other type has small leather ends that form a loop and are held together by Chicago screws. On this type you slide the loops under one J hook on each side of the pot and keep the loops in place with the Chicago screws.

Banjo straps can be made of various grades of leather, suede, nylon, polyester, and more. I find the high quality leather or suede to be the most comfortable.

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