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Used Vega #2 Tubaphone 5-String Banjo

This is a banjo of longtime Banjo Studio customer John Crumpler.  John is the second owner of this banjo. The original owner did not play it at all. It is in excellant, almost mint condition and was made in August of 2013.  There is very minimal fret wear and no scratches or dings to note. There is a little bit of a finish bubble on the peghead behind the nut that you can see in the last picture on this page. That is the only real imperfection to note on this otherwise fantastic instrument.

Serial number 12049013T704

The tubaphone tone ring is one of the most sought after tone rings in banjo history for its clarity and warmth.  Deering Banjo Company has been making Vega banjos for over 25 years and have taken a treasured banjo brand to new highs.

If you play clawhammer/frailing style, you won't be dissapointed with this banjo.