Cleartone EQ Hybrid Metal Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Cleartone EQ – Hybrid Metal Acoustic Guitar Strings

Cleartone EQ’s are the first Acoustic Guitar Strings that blend a variety of metals into the ideal set to highlight your guitar’s frequency response. These strings enable “perfect EQ setting”, where each wound string utilizes a different alloy to optimize that string’s natural frequencies. The Low E begins with a 99% copper-bronze to increase bass response, then Phosphor Bronze on the A & D strings which accentuate the mid range and maintain a robust low and high end. With 80/20 for the G string, you'll find it's bright characteristics and ability to cut through the mix. All together, Cleartone EQ’s produce an exquisitely balanced tone that mimics a “perfect EQ setting” by joining all the best qualities of Phosphor bronze, 80/20, and Copper-bronze into a single set. Cleartone has created a hybrid metal acoustic set that is the first of it's kind!

7810 Extra Light 10 14 24 30 38 47

7811 Custom Light 11 15 24 32 42 52

7812 Light 12 16 25 33 43 53

7813 Medium 13 17 26 36 46 56