LR Baggs Align Equalizer Acoustic EQ Pedal

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Better Tone for Your Acoustic-electric Guitar

If you like your acoustic-electric guitar's core tonality, then you'll be able to bring out the best in it with the LR Baggs Align Equalizer and preamp pedal. Switchable input gain and a Volume control allow you to dial in your signal level perfectly, and that's just the start. The Align Equalizer's 6-band EQ and highpass filter have been tailored specifically to the most impactful frequencies when it comes to acoustic amplification, giving you the ability to emphasize girth and power, woodiness, airiness, or presence on demand. Guitarists at Sweetwater appreciate its notch filter, which effectively minimizes resonant frequencies without sacrificing your tone. However great your plugged-in tone may be, it can sound even better with the LR Baggs Align Equalizer pedal.