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Deering Eagle II 5-String Banjo

The Deering Eagle II banjo is Deering's most affordable professional grade resonator 5-string banjo. The Deering Eagle II banjo features the ground breaking, patent pending Deering Twenty-Ten Tone Ring which is a completely original Deering Banjo design that is unlike any other traditional tone ring. It produces a high quality sound that is versatile for many styles of playing. The sound represents a refinement in the quality of banjo tone. It has a very clean tone which emphasizes the mid range frequencies and is very responsive. This responsiveness allows the player to play with a light touch, thus making it easier for the player to nail difficult passages. It is perfect for the player who wants a professional quality banjo that he can use for playing many styles of music.

Featuring the new Deering Smile™ Bridge and 5th string spikes at frets 7, 9, and 10

Includes a Deering Hardshell Banjo Case