Antoine Boyer | Banjo Studio Podcast Episode 20

Feb 10, 2022

In this episode we interview French guitarist Antoine Boyer. Antoine has his roots in gypsy jazz, learning the guitar alongside his father at an early age. Then is his teens he went on to study classical guitar. In recent years he has moved into more modern jazz sounds by adding electric guitar to his palette of sonic choices. 

He is an extraordinary talent with incredible taste and chops. He's only in his early 20s but yet has recorded 6 albums under his name. His most recent recording, Tangram, features Korean harmonica player Yeore Kim. This album is an incredible work and was featured on the Banjo Studio list of top albums made from 2021

In this interview we talk about his roots, the guitars he plays, what to look for in a gypsy jazz style guitar, recording techniques, and more.

The guitars Antoine currently plays are a Collings Eastside Jazz LC, a Bob Holo made gypsy jazz guitar, and a classical guitar made by German luthier Christian Koehn.


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