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Deering Tony Trischka Silver Clipper 5-String Banjo Floor Model

This banjo is a new banjo that was a floor model and has a small scratch on the back of the resonator but other than that, it is a beauty. It is a great chance to save on a new Deering Tony Trischka Silver Clipper banjo!

The new Deering Tony Trischka Silver Clipper 5 string banjo is here!  This is a monster of a banjo. The Tony Trischka Silver Clipper is the slimmed down aesthectically little sister to the Deering Tony Trischka Golden Clipper. It has the exact same tone and playability as the Tony Trischka Golden Clipper. 

  • Mahogany Neck
  • Deep Deering Tenbrooks Style Resonator with Tapered Sidewalls
  • Quilted Maple Resonator
  • Deering -06- Bell Bronze Tone Ring
  • Extended Fingerboard - 24 Frets (two extra hight notes)
  • Radiused Fingerboard
  • Incredible Modern Inlay Pattern
  • 3 Ply Violin Grade Maple Rim
  • 11/16" Deering Smile™ Radiused Bridge