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    How do you tune a banjo? Well that depends on the style of playing and type of banjo you are playing. Banjo pickin' ain't a one-size-fits-all kinda world. You've got your Scruggs players, your clawhammer jams, traditional jazz tenor banjoists, Irish style tenor players, and a tuning preference that makes your soul sing. Now you can show it off with our Tuning Tees!

    Tuning Tees are for banjo players who understand the magic of open G, the warm, fat sound of Double C, the twang of D tuning, standrd tenor tuning, Irish tuning, Chicago tuning, plectrum tuning, and more! Tuning Tees are a secret handshake for the banjo brotherhood and sisterhood!

    Flaunt your favorite banjo tuning with a super comfy t-shirt with variety of colors to choose from – find the perfect one to match your vibe! 

    Tuning Tees: It's not just a shirt, it's a banjo statement.
    8 products
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