Vega White Oak 12" Openback Banjo

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“The quality of the tone is what matters. If it doesn't move you when you play...if it doesn't move something in you then it doesn't matter what its made out of. In the white oak, I found yet another voice that I hadn't heard in any of the banjos that I own.” - Rick Barron, Deering Artist


The Vega White Oak banjos are ideal for clawhammer and folk music and players will marvel at the bright tone and distinct note clarity from a banjo that weighs less than 6 pounds!

The two models offer the choice of a traditional sound in a 22-fret Vega open back with an 11” rim and frosted top head or the boomy bass response and grand tone of a 12” rim with a renaissance head.

The Vega openback models are made entirely of white oak and also feature a midnight maple fingerboard and peghead overlay, a sleek satin finish and are adorned with a gryphon inlay at the peghead - Greg Deering’s own tribute to the incredible inlay work of the late Incilio Consalvi.

Born in 1865, Consalvi worked mostly in the Boston area and is responsible for some of the banjo world's most beautiful and intricate inlay work. In particular, Consalvi’s work can be found on many early Fairbanks, Cole and Vega banjos built in Boston at the time. As the son of an Italian family of jewellers, Consalvi is perhaps best known for a one of a kind esquisite banjo that currently resides in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Aside from the lavish engraving and stunning detail, the banjo is said to contain over 39,987 individual pieces, each inlaid by hand over three years.

Each Vega White Oak is complete with a hardshell case and a lifetime warranty.

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    Deering Vega 12" White Oak

    This was ordered in early Jan. Left Louisana and arrived in W NY State to one of our named winter storms. Was delayed in shipping by 2 days, I just knew she was freezing on a Fed Ex truck in a snow bank somewhere. Arrived in 6 degree temps. Unpacked and took here out, was cold as Ice. Would you believe she was still in Tune !!! Out of 5 banjos I have owned or presently owned this one is at the top of my list. Thank you Rick Barron to your review on the website, she's everything you communicated in your heartfelt review. Mines never gonna be for sale either. Capt Gary