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Deering Eagle II 6-String Banjo

Brand new 6-string banjo release at the 2012 NAMM show. Deering Banjos introduces a new 6-string version of the innovative Eagle II banjo. Featuring the patent-pending 2010 brass tone ring made at the Deering factory location, the new 6-string version opens up this latest tone technology to the world’s guitar players. Known for its unexpected brightness, clarity, and powerful projection, the Eagle II’s 2010 tone ring has taken the banjo world by storm. The lightest touch of the strings unleashes a dazzling blend of low and high frequencies with very rich mid-tones while more aggressive play is met with an equally driving tone. The Eagle II banjo is among the most versatile banjos available for all genres of music and now, in the new 6-string model, expectations of seeing it used by the thousands of existing world’s guitar players are high. Made of maple, stained a rich dark brown, and created with a sumptuous Victorian feel to the inlays on the ebony fingerboard, the new Eagle II 6-string retails for only $2565

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